First Step Excavating Your Lot

Now that you have your permit and a budget for financing, its time for the first steps in building your own home and that’s excavating your lot. We received 2 quotes and yes I know 3 would have been better but the circumstances were just right let me explain.excavating our lot new house construction

At times there is chemistry and issues that dictate you move your project forward. In  this case we had received and communicated with a first firm for excavating our lot but he was also interested in doing more then just the  excavation.

This firm was one of the several companies that were accredited to install the septic system we had chosen ( Bionest ) a more sophisticated unit that would be appropriate and in keeping with our perk test results. This firm also quoted on the foundation of our proposed bungalow.

Now the more quotes the better, however you have to be able to sort threw the details in quotes to make a sound apples vs apples analysis specifically when excavating your lot. Once his quote came in and after we looked at the details by calculating the cement used and our cost of cement we determined that his price seemed high. So My cousin Allan called a friend who is a major excavator in this area and land developer and provided another rate for excavating the lot and the specific septic system we needed ( Bionest ) as per the perk test results. Well it  seemed that the first excavator was nearly $ 7000 more expensive. Needless to say we went with our second choice. He was to start excavating our lot the following week

If you have never seen the detail in an excavation quote ours read like this:



Description of Work:


  • Excavation of basement area for the footings of residence.
  • Transport of eight loads of stumps to dump included. Extra loads will be charged @ 125.00$ per load.
  • Backfilling after cement walls are poured. Rough grading only.
  • Installation of the water line from the property line to the basement. Includes 3/4” copper line.
  • Supply and installation of the French drain.
  • Supply and spreading of gravel (3/4” clean), over the French drain and external perimeter of the footings.
  • Supply and spreading of gravel (3/4” clean), around the internal perimeter of the footings leveled with the top of footings (sixty tons included).
  • Filling of the garage area, with sand excavated from basement. If the quantities excavated are insufficient, sand will be brought in as an extra charge per load.
  • Supply and installation of the septic system, type “Bio-Nest SA-4”, including concrete tank (3.9 cubic meters with prefiltre), septic field of 44 sq. meters and municipal inspection. Pumping station is required according to plan provided but we will try to eliminate the need for a pump if possible. Septic system is as per plan supplied by client’s consulting engineers for four bedrooms.
  • Supply and rough grading of two loads of gravel (30 tons included), to facilitate access to job site.


  • Backfilling to final grade condition.
  • Surplus quantity of gravel to obtain finished driveway (thirty tons included) or in the basement (sixty tons included).

  • Removal and transport of any surplus excavation material OR supply and transport of any surplus material needed on the job site.
  • Extra sand to backfill house and septic field.
  • Excavation in bedrock or large boulders is to be charged extra.

Method of Payment:

  • At completion of backfilling of basement                        50%
  • Final installation of septic system                         Balance

Additional Charges:

  • Gravel for driveway (60 tons approx) @ $18.50 per ton.

Cost: $1,110.

  • Gravel for basement (30 tons approx) @ $20.50 per ton.

Cost: $615.00

  • Sand for garage and backfill (250 tons approx) @ $13.00 per ton.

Cost: $3,250.00

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