Should You Contract Your Own Home Or Not ?

Why did we decide to embark on this journey? Well its been a dream of mine for at least …..ever. Some 25 years ago I renovated a couple of duplexes and always dreamed of building or should I say contract your own home. There is a big difference between contract your own home and building it yourself. There are a few things that you can do yourself depending on your skill level. I am quite handy so I plan on doing a few things myself with the help of JoAnne my wife.(115/365) Hard day, hard hat
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Simple things that we already know we are good at for example painting, and crown molding are great investments in the look and bang for the buck. But why contract your own home your self? Well if saving 30 to 40% off the cost of your home is worth the aggravation isn’t enough to sway you, how about the fact that at least in Canada its really the only investment that you are not taxed on by the IRS.  Of course you have to have lived in it as a primary residence for at least 1 full calender year. Imagine ..$ 75,000 to $ 100,000 in your pocket. Do that a few times and you are mortgage free in no time flat.

But apart from that, its the satisfaction of designing your home with your wife or significant other that is so powerful and satisfying. We took all of the good we saw in the last 4 homes we owned, and sat down with a great designer who was local and came up with a great concept. More about designing in the next post.

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