Getting Your Lot Surveyed and Approved by Your Municipality

Now that you have purchased a lot, and have a perk test in hand, your surveyor will received the details of the perk test and the septic design by the soil professional and will orient your houseĀ  on the lot.

We did this with our designer Dave Croydon and visited the site several times to get a feel for the sun and the way it traveled over our land from East to West. Word of caution here about the orientation of the home on your lot. My wife and I were at home on a Sunday morning after a week of getting all the documentation and orientation in order so that we could get the details together for the last phase prior to submitting the plans, the perk test and stamped drawings together for the application of the building permit, when we received an email from the surveyor indicating that our house did not fit on the 31,000 square feet of land we had,we were astounded and bewildered.

You see our land was pie shaped and a corner lot and was somewhat irregular. Seems that when you include the buy law boundary offsets which in our case were 40 feet from the front, 20 feet on the sides and 50 feet in the back that our house’s corner was off by a small bit encroaching on one of the boundary offsets that the municipality had cast in stone.

Needless to say we had a bad rest of the weekend but our designer Dave did not seem dismayed. He came over the next day and did what I called his rotational magic and rotated the house on the lot just a bit in such a way that it fit and we had 6 inches to spare a little tight but approvable.

So back to the surveyor with our new positioning and finally all was fine. We then provided in our case, the perk test septic design, the stamped drawings of the new home design, and the overall plan concept, with the house on the lot & the septic on it as well as all the boundaries offsets and the applicable fee that was set by a minimum fee plus an additional costs that was determined by the square footage of the house. We then waited for the approval.

Some people were saying 2 to 3 weeks but in 1 weeks we had the permit in hand that gave us a year to build. Now there was a deposit of $ 1000 that was withheld in case we did not provide a final certificate of location ( which should be included in your initial price from your surveyor ), which would be refunded upon providing one , once the house was complete.

We were off to the races.

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